New Year! New Gear! 

A very belated happy new year! 

I hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas and got loads of drum goodies! 

So, 2017….. Hitting it hard this year! First off, it gives me great pleasure to announce I have signed with Vater drum sticks! Now let me tell you, these sticks are really something else! They are so durable, they really do take whatever you throw at them. The thing I love about them the most though is the consistency in how they’re made. There are lots of great stick makers out there. But one thing I found was I had to sort through 30/40 pairs of the same stick to find ones that were matched! 

But the great thing about Vater is whichever pair I pick up, I know it’s going to exactly the same every time. This is something I’ve been searching many years for so I’m so honoured to be part of such an amazing company. 

We’re not even in February yet this year and already had some great sessions for a few different projects and artists. 

It’s panning out to be a very busy year. So I’m going to be updating the blog on weekly basis. Please do keep checking back to see what’s happening! Or better still, subscribe! 

I’m also taking on a few extra private students so please use the contact form and get in contact if interested. 

Here we go 2017!!! 

Andy Mapp 

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